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We have selected, for you, the best Italian excellences:

Company that since 1997 produces and markets baked goods belonging to the flavors of Romagna cuisine such as piadina, crescia and stuffed cascioni.
Their activity is based on essential criteria of passion for our land and the utmost care for the ingredients. The ultimate goal is to create and offer the consumer a product of exceptional and distinctive quality.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • piadina
  • Piadìsnack
Company that has been working since 1968 to keep the Romagna tradition alive, to give life to sausages rich in the intense flavor of our land.
This is how genuine cured meats such as those made in peasant houses are born, according to tradition and without any artificial treatment.
Del Vecchio cured meats are born from pigs born and raised exclusively in Italy, processed in Cesena and matured in our territory.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Salami
  • Salami from Mora romagnola
  • Cotechino
The history of the Pintus company begins in 1968.
To date the company covers about 100 hectares. This high extension makes it possible to feed all the livestock (300 head) totally with the forage harvested from organic farming.
For this reason the taste and aroma of their cheeses are the perfect result among a mix of elements of excellence!

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Seasoned Pecorino
  • Seasoned cow
The farm and agritourism Fiammetta was born in 1964 from the passion for the land and for good wine!
Fiammetta is the first BIO winery in Rimini, their team has a strong and defined mission: to give life to the earth and to bring the vine to the table!

In ours Baggie will find:
  • ORGANIC Red Wine
  • Organic White Wine
  • Sparkling white wine
Sadafè is a Romagna dialect expression which in Italian means "must be done".
This company was born precisely to enhance the raw materials of the Romagna countryside by implementing a transformation process based on sustainable and productive values, combining tradition and innovation.
In addition to conventional production, the laboratory is certified organic: this allows you to follow all the stages of the supply chain, from the raw material to the finished product.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Preserves
  • Fruit in syrup
  • Extra virgin olive oil
Madame Sweet has always been the fresh pastry with its own high quality production.
The products are prepared with the same recipes handed down by grandmothers, to maintain the unique and genuine taste of tradition.
All this takes place in a process that respects the seasonality of the ingredients and the strict hygiene standards of the sector.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Cookies
  • Romagna donut
  • Artisan panettone
All confectionery products are made following ancient recipes and artisan processing methods consolidated over decades of experience.
The very high quality of the products and ingredients together with the great passion have guided and guide every single moment and decision of their history.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Dark chocolate
  • Cocoa beans
  • Nougat
Pasticceria Garden has been a reference point for over thirty years for all those classic recipes that have the unique flavor of tradition.
The design of each preparation is carefully taken care of by the hands of the pastry chefs who have been enchanting the palates of the most demanding public for many years.
The pastry shop offers with elegance and refinement delicacies and side dishes for every taste, every desire and desire.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Pistachio spread cream
  • Hazelnut spread cream
  • Artisan panettone
In 1883 Antonio Pascucci, the son of weavers, began to devote himself to the food trade. Among the foods traded, the colonials and above all raw coffees become his passion.
Pascucci coffee has always been synonymous with quality and excellence, so much so that it has patented the Pascucci roasting system.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Infusions
  • Coffee
  • Candies
  • Coffee beans
The roots of the Terenzi family are very ancient, as early as 1400 there is talk of the noble Gabriele Terenzi lover of art and alchemy.
The Terenzi family's passion for perfumes and colognes leads to the search for products designed and manufactured for the well-being of people, thus candles with natural-based wax are born, pure and so natural that they can be eaten and savored.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Candle
Since 1956, tradition and innovation have been the perfect combination for a product that knows how to offer the right balance between craftsmanship and absolute quality.
The strength of Molino Grossi is the relationship with farmers and the shared selection of the varieties of wheat grown by them to guarantee a natural and excellent product.
The flours, as well as the local grains, guarantee a native product, a true KM0, healthier for us and for the environment, enhancing every preparation.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Flour
Producing oil is an ancient job, which requires patience and attention. The Bigucci oil mill has been producing oil with very high quality standards since 1954 in order to obtain a product with an unmistakable scent and unique taste.
The Bigucci oil mill is immersed in the rich and fertile Romagna countryside.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Flavored oil
In the laboratory of La Madre Terra, being disabled becomes an asset; it is on the skills and sensibilities of each that the production cycle is organized, trying to choose machinery and methodologies that can reserve a place for everyone, especially for those who are normally discarded from the world of work.
La Madre Terra products are part of the La Fraternità social cooperative which was founded in 1992 and developed within the Papa Giovanni Paolo XXIII association founded by Don Oreste Benzi.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Preserves
  • BIO fruit juices
Going beyond BIO: this is the ambitious goal of Girolomoni, the company born in the hills of the Marche region, straddling two regions and driven by love for the land and its inhabitants.
Not only organic, therefore, in the cultivation methods, but at the forefront for the choice of technologies and for the commitment to an increasingly sustainable agriculture.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • Pasta
  • Passed
  • Juice
  • Legumes
The Clombo brand was born in Colle Val d’Elsa in 1953, inside a grocery store, in the laboratory was produced the yeast for cakes and savory yeast, packaged manually and sold in shops in the province of Siena.
Today it is an established and well-known brand in various regions of Italy.
The line of products is enriched by the signature of Luca Montersino, chef, consultant, teacher, food manager, television personality and testimonial of prestigious brands as well as the author of best sellers in cooking and pastry.

In ours Baggie will find:
  • BIO yeast
  • Brown icing sugar
Since 1974, the year of its foundation, constant company expansion and growing affirmations in the markets have marked the Scotton business, witnessing a development path devoted to quality, innovation and excellence in the production process.
Experience, experimentation and technological avant-garde represent the cornerstones of the company philosophy, as well as the driving force behind Scotton's success, protagonist of the international stage for the vast assortment of products and high quality standards.

All ours Baggie they are assembled in Scotton branded boxes.
In Vecciano on the hills of the Rimini hinterland, dedicated to a viticulture of extreme quality, the wines of the Podere Vecciano company are produced, obtained from well exposed vineyards, illuminated by an extraordinary light and caressed by the sea air, all these elements favor a ideal microclimate!

For sixty years, choosing Babbi has meant letting yourself be seduced by sweet specialties that come only from selected raw materials.
Their philosophy has always led them to seek the delicate balance between raw materials, recipes and processes from which, with so much effort, the perfection of taste is born.