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Who we are

The foodie scounting

Baggie is a very young startup born with a simple mission: search for quality products, combine them with each other, without waste, to better appreciate all the culinary richness of the beautiful country.

We have carefully selected all our products, we have evaluated the origin, the manufacturing process and, of course, the quality!

Yes, tastings are the best part of our job :)

Our goal is therefore to offer a solution convenient, accessible and tasty, respecting the values we believe in.

We are only at the beginning of our path, uphill and full of unexpected events, which is why all your advice and suggestions are very important to grow and improve so that we can serve you better!

Our values

What inspires us


We select only top quality ingredients.
We personally follow the transformation line.
We favor small producers, social cooperatives, organic and seasonal products.
The result is: WOW!


We think that food is the primary source of health and well-being.
We believe that in order to eat well, it is also necessary to nourish the mood.
Our Baggies were born for themselves, to be shared and given as gifts.


We love to smile!
Even when we are on the phone, even behind a mask, even when we write an email to the accountant!
We want to bring a smile to your home too when we open one of our Baggies!
Let it bet?

The team

We introduce ourselves

Claudio: computer engineer, lover of numbers in all their forms, preferably pigeonholed in an Excel cell.
A diplomat by nature, he only manages to raise his voice to get the last portion of tiramisu.
Favorite dish: piada and salami.
Favorite Baggie: Hardie.

Clear: mother, surveyor, nurse, consultant, maid if necessary, she perfectly organizes the whole family ménage. He almost never succeeds.
Lover of order, precision, silence, cleanliness. Before having two children.
Favorite dish: spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil.
Favorite Baggie: Lovvie.



Founder & CEO



All the rest